Business Directory: Specialty Services

Specialty Services

Banquet Halls
Casa Serrano412 Pacific St(831) 372-2608
The Barns at Cooper Molera535 Polk St(831) 920-0170
I Will Repair: Electronics Repair474 Tyler St(831) 200-8180
PJR Creations140 W Franklin St, Ste 204(831) 655-2433
Dry Cleaning and Laundry
Owl Cleaners153 Webster St(831) 372-3153
Aptitude Habilitation Services140 W Frankin St, Ste 202(800)991-6070
Bella's Studio140 W Franklin St, Ste 309(831) 402-1095
Dennis Murphy School of Music171 Webster St(831) 920-1310
Kurt Heisig Music512 Polk St(831) 920-1883
Martin's Driving School479 Pacific St, Ste 2(831) 655-1126
Middlebury Institute of International Studies460 Pierce St(831) 647-4123
Monterey Children's Foreign Language School470 Tyler St(650) 443-8701
Monterey Peninsula Academy of Music546 Hartnell St, Ste H(831) 646-0528
The Monterey Music Store425 Alvarado St(831) 372-5893
Youth Arts Collective472 Calle Principal831-375-9922
Bay Apparel171 Webster St, Ste A(831) 646-5190
Federico's Embroidery542 Abrego St(831) 646-0453
Floral Design
Flor De Monterey217 W Franklin St(831) 375-2451
Swenson & Silacci Flowers432 Avarado St(831) 375-2725
Gold Leaf Frame Design620 Munras Ave(831) 649-3520
Monterey Custom Framing468 Calle Principal(831) 657-9191
Interior Design
A Shade Above, Home Experience Center528 Abrego St(831) 649-9100
Other Specialty Services
A Shade Above, Home Experience Center528 Abrego St(831) 649-9100
C Lane Company435 Washington St, Ste D(831) 649-1870
Cannabis Lifestyle499 Calle Principal(831) 915-9831
Coastal Classy Events and Design281 Webster St
Federico Engraving and Imprints550 Abrego St(831) 649-4723
Federico Notary Services542 Abrego St, Ste 538(831) 392-7274
I Will Repair: Electronics Repair474 Tyler St(831) 200-8180
Mail Box177 Webster St(831) 641-0931
Mile Hi Valet Service350 Calle Principal(800)392-1772
Sienna Company406 Calle Principal(831) 641-9090
Welcome Home!140 W Franklin St, Ste 206(831) 594-8948
831 Magazine126 Bonifacio Pl # H(831) 261-9490
Foolish Times523 Hartnell St(831) 648-1038
Sewing and Alterations
Butterfly Boutique and Events458 Alvarado St(831) 324-4105
Owl Cleaners153 Webster St(831) 372-3153
Mail Box177 Webster St(831) 641-0931
UPS Store484 Washington St, Ste B(831) 646-5445
US Post Office565 Hartnell St(831) 372-4063
Shoe Repair
Dandy Shoe Repair167 Webster St(831) 647-1253
Federico's Shoe Service542 Abrego St831-649-3322
Christian Science Reading Room198 Bonifacio Plaza(831) 372-5076
Monterey Center for Spiritual Living400 W Franklin Street(831) 372-7326
Monterey Church401 Alvarado St(831) 658-0355
Visions by Sheena345 Calle Principal(831) 601-5139
Carmel Monterey Travel601 Abrego St(831) 649-4292