Om Studios: Spring 2022 Yoga Teacher Training

Posted on September 9th, 2021 by Om Studios

Om Studios announces our Spring 2022 Yoga Teacher Training, held February - June. Om Studios Teacher Training guides you in exploring the boundless world of yoga while learning to skillfully teach the content most meaningful to you. Lindsay Wetterau and Lynn Cordell combine their decades of experience and diverse training backgrounds to provide a program that teaches you to learn both the science of the body and the philosophy of the spirit.

During the 12 weekend sessions, Lindsay and Lynn will emphasize the three main focal points of the course: alignment, anatomy, and philosophy. However, you will be encouraged to take from the material what is most meaningful to you and craft a style of teaching that is authentically your own.

From early in the course, students will begin practice teaching, beginning with one-on-one teaching with other students, then small groups, and eventually include the entire YTT class. It is the belief of the Om lead Instructors that only with ample time spent using your voice and standing in front of the group teaching will the Om student grow to be an exceptional teacher.

For more detailed information (including dates, fees, curriculum) and to apply, please visit our website. Om Studios is located at 631 Cass Street in Downtown Old Monterey.

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