Sewing Kits / Mending Kits Available at Slowfiber

Posted on August 3rd, 2020 by Slowfiber

Did you know that Slowfiber carries carefully curated sewing kits, perfect for mending your favorite clothing, your children's plush toys, and more? We think there's nothing more discouraging than mending something using a low quality, plastic "kit" produced in some factory overseas. We create and sell menders' kits that invite you to fix your beautiful, treasured things, and tools that are there when you need them to get you out of a tough spot.

Slowfiber offers both small and large mend kits. The Small Kit contains 12 needles (calyx style), Merchant & Mills Baby Bow scissors, a seam ripper, 1 spool A&E Gutermann brand 100% recycled thread (from pop bottles), 5 safety pins, and 3 buttons. The Large Kit contains 25 Merchant & Mills needles, a number of glass-head pins, a 60-inch Merchant & Mills tape measure (mm on the flip), Merchant & Mills Baby Bow scissors, Merchant & Mills seam ripper, tailor's chalk, 20 safety pins, 4 seam clips, 3 spools A&E Gutermann brand 100% recycled thread (from pop bottles), and your choice of locally made up-cycled cloth bag or recycled paperboard box for storage.

You can purchase your Slowfiber mend kit online or at our shop, located at 517 B Hartnell Street in Downtown Old Monterey.

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