Revival Ice Cream: The Sweet Answer To Your Sugar Question

Posted on April 10th, 2017 by Revival Ice Cream

Many fans of Revival Ice Cream have asked if we feature “sugar-free” ice cream. We don’t, and we’d like to explain why. Sugar is a necessary ingredient in ice cream for two crucial reasons. The first and simplest reason is this: ice cream is a dessert; can you imagine unsweet ice cream? The second reason is less simple but equally important: ice cream would freeze and become rock hard without sugar!

Sugar slows down the time it takes for water based liquids to freeze. When sugar molecules are introduced to a custard base they create more matter which creates more heat, and more heat makes for a slower freezing time and a faster melting time. Sugar separates the ice crystals and helps to make the smooth and creamy texture which is desirable in ice cream.

On Revival Ice Cream's blog in coming weeks, join us for a closer look at how the right kinds of sugars help us function and learn about how we're using lower amounts of higher quality sugar than other ice cream companies. We'll also educate you on the downside of using artificial sweeteners.

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