Cuvée Cerise Now Available at Alvarado Street Brewery

Posted on December 3rd, 2015 by omba

Alvarado Street Brewery is proud to present Cuvée Cerise! This Belgian-style barleywine began its life as "Cuvée de Monterey" last fall before undergoing a year-long stint in a Cabernet Franc barrel from Heller Estate. There we continually added tart red cherries to the barrel, and inoculated the beer with brettanomyces, which are a type of wild yeast that will scavenge any type of available sugars in the beer that remain, including those from the added fruit. Over time, "Brett”, as it’s commonly referred to in the beer and wine realm, dries the beer out and creates unique flavor compounds and esters which adds a unique complexity.

Fast forward to now, and Cuvée Cerise is an absolute cherry bomb in a glass, especially as it warms (cerise means "cherry" in French). Soft flavors of fig, plum, and dates follow the aroma, leading to a bone-dry finish with just a kiss of alcohol at the end. We've timed the release of this beer to coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday, as we feel its the perfect compliment to share with family and friends during this time of the year.

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