Free Motion Garment Collage Class at Slowfiber

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Slowfiber presents a 4-hour Free Motion Garment Collage (Machine-Stitching) Class on Friday, October 28, 10am-3pm, or on Wednesday, November 30, 11am-4:30pm. Fee is $60. Please register on our website.

We at Slowfiber love decorative clothing! Now there are two separate opportunities to join Lyn Sandberg in the Slowfiber classroom for this exploratory design-as-you-go machine stitching opportunity. Your jeans, shorts, skirt, jacket, or shirt have never had the chance to be so clever, or so "you."

Cutting out thematic motifs from fabric and constructing a free motion collage on that oh-so-boring garment is what we'll focus on. Composition is the key and isn't it so fun? So let's do this.

The catch? You need to have a sewing machine and you'll have to buy an additional quilting foot or a darning foot AND you have to be able to “let down” your feed dogs on your machine. (Check your manual.) Fear not: this is a common tool. Your manufacturer or the web-at-large will have it. (It looks like a donut.)

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