Suzanne Elliott Featured at Webster Street Art Gallery, June/July 2024

Posted on June 6th, 2024 by Webster Street Art Gallery

Webster Street Art Gallery presents an exhibit of the plein air paintings of Santa Cruz artist Suzanne Elliott. Her work, consisting primarily of Monterey landscapes and seascapes, will be on display through July 2024 at 188 Webster Street in Downtown Old Monterey.

About Plein Air Painting

Suzanne Elliott paints in oils focusing on the plein air tradition of painting landscapes outdoors. Most plein air paintings are completed in one session using rich color and loose brush strokes, with an emphasis on capturing light and shadow. Speedy and accurate color mixing using a limited palette and the fast-changing light require one's “inner critic” to take the day off. This style of painting is not for the timid, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

About Suzanne Elliott

Suzanne Elliott was born in the country of Malawi and lived there until she was 16. She has lived in California since 1973. Suzanne's participation in art making started in childhood and then lay dormant until her 40s. Her lifelong love of nature and the landscape make plein air painting a natural fit.

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