France Ruhnke: Venture Gallery's Featured Artist, June 2024

Posted on May 27th, 2024 by Venture Gallery

Venture Gallery presents the multi-media work of France Ruhnke, our featured local artist for June. Her latest exhibit, Contours of Nature, consists of three new collections: “Haute Couture,” “Botanical,” and “Continuity.”

The three collections reveal the essence and elegance of nature’s contours, with its flow and transparency. Seen as pure perspective, a two-dimensional plan in neutral tones transforms magically into a three-dimensional joyful artistic encounter.

Venture Gallery is open 10am-6pm daily. France Ruhnke's artwork will be featured through June 2024. Venture Gallery is located at 260 Alvarado Street in Downtown Old Monterey. Visit our website to shop online for work by our local artists.

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