New: Signature Soaps at Haute Beauty Guide

Posted on April 5th, 2021 by Haute Beauty Guide

Doran, a licensed esthetician and the owner of the Haute Beauty Guide retail store, is really excited about the new soaps she's designed and created, each inspired by her favorite spots on the Monterey Peninsula.

After almost a year of research and trials, Doran's soaps are now available online and at Haute Beauty Guide at 71 Pearl Street in Downtown Old Monterey. (Expect more great scents to come this summer!)

Haute Beauty Guide's signature soaps include:

Pebble Beach
A calm, tranquil scent with herbal notes of earl grey tea leaves, bergamot, and vanilla.

A fresh, sophisticated scent with notes of white tea, ginger, lemon, pepper, and earl grey.

The beautiful clean aroma of natural sea salt brings freshness to your day.

A light, refreshing aromatic blend of cucumber and green tea.

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