Exclusive January Offer from Om Studios: 40 Day Membership for $69

Posted on January 9th, 2021 by Om Studios

Through January 2021, Om Studios is offering new students a 40 day membership for unlimited livestream and outdoor yoga classes for only $69. This 40 day membership for new OM students is about igniting your yoga practice and exploring new ways to make it your own. (This offer is also good for anyone who hasn't participated in Om classes in 6 months.)

There is a long held spiritual belief to the number 40, the philosophy behind it stating that it takes 20 days to break old habits and 20 days to form new ones. For many of us developing and sustaining a yoga practice can be challenging. By knowing how long it takes to change behavior and create new patterns we are somewhat more in control of achieving lasting change and transformation.

New members: sign up here. Returning members: please e-mail Om Studios.

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