Ethical Skincare and the Power of Essential Oils at Spa on the Plaza

This event has been canceled.

Spa on the Plaza presents a workshop entitled Ethical Skincare and the Power of Essential Oils taught by Teri Sandler on Saturday, April 11, 2pm-3pm. Fee is $35. Please register online. Receive a $35 credit for any spa products purchased. Co,plimentary refreshments and a spa goody bag included.

Teri Sandler is an expert in biodynamic agriculture, specifically in the production of organic, high potency essential oils. She will explain the healing benefits of essential oils synergistically blended to deliver high potency remedies.

The oils are ethically sourced, organic, and use biodynamic farming methods. Teri explains, "We care for our farm as an integrated, living organism. Everything we do supports the health and vitality of the farm and contributes to the vigorous ecosystem of the hills." Test, smell and indulge in these amazing oils.

Event Details

Starts at:
201 Alvarado St, Ste A
Monterey, CA 93940
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