Sacred Intimacy / Tantra for Loving Couples: Workshop at ISGC

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The Intimacy, Sexuality and Gender Center of Monterey (ISGC) offers many unique forms of tantra designed for individual groups based on energy flow. The Sacred Intimacy / Tantra for Couples Workshop, next held on Saturday, February 15, 10am-5pm, is one of our most popular and specialized one-day tantra workshops including all aspects of sacred tantra. We focus on uniting the sensual, sexual, and sacred energy with partners in a bonding, healing experience.

In order for partners to experience sexual healing, they must first experience, safety, trust, and intimacy. Sexual energy affects both people in a relationship and our workshops are unique,in that we foster this in safety, trust, and healing for each couple in a confidential, private weekend. You and your partner will learn many techniques, including partnered breath and eye gazing, while taking into account the special needs and circumstances of our specialized couples.

Couples will practice the techniques learned while remaining fully clothed. No direct genital touch will occur during this workshop. We will open your chakras and teach you to tap into your sacred energy self.

Let us take your sexual relationship to new spiritual, emotional, and experiential heights. Please call Wanda at 831-375-7553 to reserve your place; space is limited. Fee is $210 per couple.

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