MIIS Event: "The Grab" - Film Screening & Discussion

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Center for the Blue Economy at Middlebury Institute of International Studies presents a screening of the documentary The Grab and a discussion with the filmmakers at Irvine Auditorium on Friday, October 6, 6pm-8:30pm. Reserve your free ticket online here.

The Grab is a global thriller combining hard-hitting journalism from The Center for Investigative Reporting with the compelling character-driven storytelling of director Gabriela Cowperthwaite, taking you around the globe from Arizona to Zambia, to reveal one of the world’s biggest and least known threats.

Quietly and seemingly out of sight, governments, private investors and mercenaries are working to seize food and water resources at the expense of entire populations. These groups are establishing themselves as the new OPEC, where the future world powers will be those who control not oil, but food.

And it’s all beginning to bubble to the surface in real time. Global food prices have hit an all-time high, threatening chaos and violence. Meanwhile, Russia is using food as a weapon against the Ukrainians, and as a geopolitical tool to wield global power.

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Starts at:
499 Pierce St
Monterey, CA 93940
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