Elementary Sewing Skills Sew-Along at Slowfiber

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Begin at the beginning with the Slowfiber Book Club Sew Along, starting Thursday, July 11 at 6pm. If you can follow instructions, you love fabric and clothes, have some sewing experience and are comfortable with your machine, and want to learn and/or re-learn some skills, join us for this book club, held over Zoom twice a month through September.

In this book club, we'll be going together through the "Elementary Sewing Skills" book written by Merchant & Mills founder, Carolyn Denham, while working on a Merchant & Mills pattern of your choice.

Whether you're new to sewing or highly experienced - there will be something for everyone with this book club. The aim is to use this book to think like a proper Merchant & Mills stitcher. Published in 2015, Denham's book is full of sweet little bits of excellent bad-habit-breakers (or good habits builders, depending on where you're starting from).

Fee is $40 per person. Register on the Slowfiber website.

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Starts at:
517A Hartnell St
Monterey, CA 93940