Nacho Bizness Talks About Chips

Posted on January 5th, 2022 by Nacho Bizness

One of the most frequent questions we get asked at Nacho Bizness is why we use Taco Works chips. And we're all for keeping a little mystery in our lives, but today we're giving you the answer.

When we first opened Nacho Bizness in a very small space on Lighthouse Avenue in Monterey, we knew we couldn’t have a deep fryer so we set on a mission to find the most flavorful chips that would stand up to our house made cheese sauce. After an exhaustive search, Taco Works came out king! Light and crispy, they paired perfectly and made a delicious bed for our 'chos. Plus, Taco Works is a California company, located in San Luis Obispo.

When Nacho Bizness moved to our Alvarado Street spot in 2020, we made the decision to stick with Taco Works chips because they are a huge part of what we do! Bi-weekly deliveries ensure a crisp and delicious chip every time you dig into your nachos.

Come and try these outstanding chips yourself, if you haven't already. Nacho Bizness is located at 470 Alvarado Street in Downtown Old Monterey.

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