MY Museum's Newest Exhibit Developed by York School Students

Posted on May 4th, 2018 by Monterey County Youth Museum

Thanks to some talented students from York School, Monterey County Youth Museum (MY Museum), located at 425 Washington Street in Old Monterey, has a new and improved interactive video exhibit at the museum’s popular theater. 

It was MY Museum which approached York School’s Director of Technology, Kevin Brookhouser, to take on the video project. To bring it to life, the York students opted to use a small and inexpensive computer created by RaspberryPi which retails for only $35. Students volunteered after school to create an improved interactive video program, complete with new sound effects, coded using Python. They also used a laser cutter and 3D printers in the school’s Design Shop to manufacture components of the project. The housing box is made out of transparent acrylic so visitors can see the inner works of the system.

Not only does this exhibit teach visitors about theatre and video, to careful observers it shows how computers can connect to physical buttons to drive sound and video effects. The project is designed to be upgradable in the future to add new features and effects.

York students will be presenting their work at the Santa Cruz Maker Fair on May 5, 2018.

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