2017 Artathon at Youth Arts Collective

Posted on July 15th, 2017 by Youth Arts Collective

For 24 hours on June 24 and 25, YACsters did a ton of outstanding work, acted just the right amount of crazy, and raised some serious money for Youth Arts Collective! Thanks to all of you who sponsored us. If you're still interested in contributing to YAC but haven't done so yet, donations will be matched until the end of July 2017. Although sleep deprived and loopy, most YACsters said they enjoyed ARTathon...and we call that a success.

YAC is a nonprofit, after school art studio and mentorship program for high school and college artists - brilliant and struggling, confident and fringe, multi-ethnic, multi-tempered, and over 40% financially challenged. They learn art, job, and life skills, and gain a healthy dose of self-esteem and gratitude along the way. YACsters learn to believe in themselves, take creative risk, and give back. 100% graduate from high school. 95% of YACsters go on to university, college, and art college - many on scholarships.

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