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Slowfiber invites you to join us for a workshop exploring sashiko stitching (a.k.a. "running stitch with an attitude!") taught by textile artist Kris Nardello on Friday, October 20, 10am-1pm. Fee is $75 - please register on our website.

You know what a fan Slowfiber is of garment repair and surface design. Sashiko stitching is perfect for us and so good for the beginner mender. We can use the technique on jeans, skirts tops, and jackets just for the added design or over a patch on a pair of worn-down jeans. It's magic!

The term, sashiko, means "little stabs." Kris will show us all the different ways of marking our fabric for stitching as well as the basic running stitch that is used for the traditional re-enforcing stitch. You'll learn how to create complex and engaging patterns with layering threads so that the work is fun to make and to look at.

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