Filling the Survivor Gap: Breast / Pelvic Cancer Recovery at Pilates Monterey

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Pilates Monterey presents Filling the Survivor Gap – Breast and Abdominal/Pelvic Cancer Restoration with Pilates, a workshop for Pilates instructors and health professionals held November 15-17 (2pm-6pm on Fri, 9am-6pm on Sat & Sun). This is part of the Pilates Therapeutics Advanced Qualification Specialization Program. Fee is $650. Please register online.

Students will lean to meet the pressing need of clients living with breast, pelvic, and abdominal cancers, both post-surgery and preparing for surgery. Learn specific applications in the Pilates environment aimed at the skilled intervention level of a licensed physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor, or nurse.

Breast, abdominal and pelvic cancer survivorship have become common chronic conditions for a number of people, especially women, due to the length women live and so find themselves living longer in survivorship. A survivor gap exists between initial intensive medical treatment and any ongoing follow-up care. The term “survivor gap” recognizes this gap in cancer care for the survivors who are “lost in transition from patient to survivor” where survivors are now out on their own.

Meet the pressing need of clients living with breast, pelvic and abdominal cancers. Discover how you can facilitate the rehabilitation of reconstruction procedures and avoid lymphedema risks. Specific benefits and contraindications of Pilates are explained. Course content also reviews structural assessment and current research on the positive rationale for exercise for cancer survivors.

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