Tom Lawson: ORGANization at East Village Coffee Lounge

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East Village Coffee Lounge presents Tom Lawson's ORGANization, performing on Saturday, July 20, 5pm-7:30pm.

Keyboardist and local music great Tom Lawson writes: "We can all remember events in our lives where everything changed. For me, one of these was when a high school friend handed me Jimmy Smith's album, The Cat. He said something like it was too far out for him and just to keep it, and so I did. From the moment the needle hit the groove I couldn't get enough. It was not just notes--it was more like a liquid flowing and changing into different shapes--a lot like what Jimi Hendrix was to do on guitar soon after that. It was total mastery of the instrument, total free expression.

"Then the big question: could I do this too? Well, I've never stopped trying, anyway. ORGANization is not so much about doing Jimmy Smith's songs as to doing any song with his feel and groove. We'll see how it comes out, and that's the fun part. Along for the ride are my fellow adventurers Erik Dormody (drums) and Howe Cochran (guitar)."

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