Prenatal Workshop at Union Yoga

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Union Yoga presents a Prenatal Yoga Workshop taught by Jill Willett on Saturday, June 8, 12pm-2pm. There will be a second and related workshop, Integrated Pelvic Floor Function, taught 2:30pm-4:30pm.

This Prenatal Workshop will demystify prenatal yoga by exploring safe practices for students and practitioners. It is meant to educate non-prenatal teachers to feel competent to address the needs of prenatal students. It is also meant to prepare prenatal students to feel confident to walk into any yoga class and modify for themselves and feel that they are keeping themselves and their babies safe.

Modifications will be demonstrated and discussed for pranayams, asanas, and props. Issues discussed will include: low back pain, hyper mobility, hyper tonicity, diastasis recti, anxiety, and listening to your body - physical discomfort during and after practice. A practice class will be offered with sequencing ideas for all 3 trimesters. Q&A after practice.

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