Make Life Your Practice: A Workshop at Union Yoga

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Union Yoga presents a workshop led by Peter Sibley entitled Make Life Your Practice on Sunday, June 9, 1pm-4pm. Fee is $25. Space is limited - you can register in advance online.

Everything you need to become the most wonderful, heart centered, fabulous version of you is already here, it just may be getting overshadowed by day-to-day living. But what if day-to-day living becomes the very practice that opens your life to living the most fabulous version of you right now? How? Through this workshop to learn a simple method of self inquiry (called The Work), woven in with inspiring stories and real deal examples of how stress, work, relationships, feeling stuck and overwhelm can all be used as a stepping off place to a living self kindness practice.

Instructor Pete Sibley is a beloved regular at Union Yoga. He embodies yoga and has been using/teaching self inquiry for nearly 15 years. He lives in Carmel and is a musician, educator, personal growth coach, husband, and father.

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