MIIS Panel: Managing Water Resources with Climate Change

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MIIS presents Managing Water Resources with Climate Change, a free panel discussion featuring Sarah Beganskas (Balance Hydrologics, Inc.), Dr. Daniel Mountjoy (Sustainable Conservation), and Paul Sciuto (Monterey One Water) on Monday, April 16, 6pm-8pm at Irvine Auditorium in the McCone Building.

Global climate change is expected to generate more intense rainfall events, less snowfall, and longer droughts. Management of California’s water supplies for urban and rural communities, agriculture, and the environment, will require greater attention to managing surface and groundwater as an integrated system, including new innovative wastewater recovery technologies.

Groundwater supplies have been depleted in many areas of California, most notably in the San Joaquin Valley and in many coastal areas including the Monterey Bay region. Our speakers will discuss several innovative ways to capture, recycle, and recharge groundwater aquifers when surface water is available so that we can rely on the groundwater during times of drought.

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