Union Yoga Workshop: Postpartum Functional Movement

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This is the second half of the two-part workshop led by Jill Botelho Willett on Sunday, January 21. In this workshop, we'll emphasize the postpartum body and healing in a balanced, healthy way. This workshop will teach participants to squat, bend, lift, extend, and twist in a pregnant and postpartum body. Fee is $35 per person; spouses can join in for $20.

Basic human movements can be challenging when your body is shape-shifting, but by utilizing strategies and modifications of movement one can prevent compensations that lead to injury and harmful movement patterns. The last trimester of pregnancy and what we call the fourth trimester (after the birth of one’s baby) is very stressful to the body yet the demands of life do not change. It is vital that women learn how to move in ways that support their return to structural alignment and minimize the discomfort and injury associated with this transitional period.

Groceries, strollers, carseats, babes, and their older siblings are just a few of the things moms have to move. this workshop introduces the tools to empower yourself with awareness about your structure, hormones, and how to move thoughtfully in an unfamiliar body. Participants will leave with the knowledge of how to recognize and correct imbalances preventing potential future injury.

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Starts at:
244 Pearl St
Monterey, CA 93940
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