Design Thinking to Improve Volunteer Engagement

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Calling all local volunteers and anyone who manages a volunteer program! Join dKomplex for an interactive workshop on design thinking. This experiential training will help participants understand the design thinking process to bring value to your organization. The specific topic of this event is “Improving Volunteer Engagement.” I encourage you to bring a team to focus on your specific organizational context.

This methodology focuses on creating/improving a service, product or program by understanding real needs of your target audience, brainstorming solutions, prototyping them, and quickly testing viability. In this workshop you will learn the method of design thinking while also solving a real problem most volunteer based organizations face: volunteer engagement. This workshop will help answer key questions about your volunteer program such as do volunteers need more ownership when most only desire recognition?

Why would you try design thinking?
Taking from LEAN STARTUP principles, this method saves both time and money. Successful innovation requires precious resources while people spend months planning for something that may not ever be implemented. By the end of a design thinking session you will understand what makes your clients happy and what frustrates them through a series of solutioning tests that will save both time and money.

When should you use design thinking?
The design thinking process (or at least parts of it) can be used on a daily basis in your work environment. Your organization could benefit from this method when a new service, product, or program is being considered for development or improvement.

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