Youth Arts Collective 24 Hour Artathon 2017

This event has already passed

Old Monterey’s Youth Arts Collective (YAC) is throwing the fun back into fundraising with our annual Artathon, taking place from 10am on June 24 until 10am on June 25. It’s a traditional right of passage for YACsters, and the biggest grassroots effort of the year which we count on to bring in a substantial chunk of YAC’s annual operating funds.

Artathon works like this ……

WE STAY AWAKE FOR 24 HOURS. No sleeping – just drawing, painting, sculpting, throwing clay, taking photographs, talking, eating… And did we mention not sleeping? Just 24 wild and wacky hours of art making, starting June 24.

FRIENDS & FAMILIES LIKE YOU SEND DONATIONS, cheer us on, and follow us as we post crazy hourly photos throughout the night – evidence that we are in fact doing a ton of art (and progressively losing our minds at the same time). We’ve done this crazy thing for 16 years in a row because we believe in YAC.

And speaking of believing in YAC, two foundations, the Chapman and Harden Foundations, will be matching your donations through July!

Will you join us and make a donation? Please send a check written to Youth Arts Collective, or donate online here. Artathon donations will continue to be matched through July. For amounts of $50 and over, you will receive the now famous “Before and After” photo of YACsters and mentors.

Event Details

Starts at:
Ends at:
472 Calle Principal
Monterey, CA 93940