Cultural & Historic Downtown Monterey

Courtesy of California Views:

Downtown Monterey is a mecca of cultural and historical diversity which features a variety of dining options, retail stores, and entertainment.  Its landscape combines the images of Monterey’s past and present by allowing its patrons to walk the streets once walked by great historical figures while experiencing the modern charm of the seaside town.   While visiting downtown, visitors can enjoy a delicious meal, shop till they drop, or take a trip through time and experience the rich history downtown Monterey has to offer.

The main street of downtown Monterey is Alvarado Street, which is recognized as a “Main Street Community” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The street was named for Juan Bautista Alvarado who was the former governor of Alta California. Alvarado Street is adjacent to several historical buildings including Colton Hall, the Larkin House, the Cooper Molera Adobe, the Stevenson House, the Custom House, and California’s First Theater. These landmarks and others can be toured daily, most of which for free, or be seen on the Path of History which is marked by round, yellow tiles which are embedded in the sidewalk throughout the downtown area. 

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